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Branding is critical in helping to build awareness, loyalty, and support for your organization.


  • Your brand tells your story.

  • Your brand is your identity: it conveys who you are, what you do, and why that matters.

  • Your brand is what you want your audiences to believe and how you want them to feel about your organization.

  • Your brand reflects your uniqueness and makes you stand out.

  • A strong brand builds trust in your organization and provides it with authority and credibility to better fulfill your mission. 


Your name is your brand.


The core of your brand's visual identity is your logo, accompanied by a color palette, typography, and design standards used to develop all communications.

Branding also includes key messages: tagline, mission, vision, and values statements, elevator pitches, and other messages that capture your essence. In addition, all communications, written and visual, must have a distinctive voice that resonates with your brand.


Consistency in all marketing materials (website, marketing collateral, social media, etc.) is essential for strengthening and reinforcing your brand.

Let's start with a logo…

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