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Colombia’s First Lady invited Elbac to participate in National Children’s Day celebration.

Elbac  was invited to promote activities for children throughout Bogotá. In this “picture” he is hosting the inauguration of Maloka, the Museum of Science and Technology.

As Director of Children's Marketing Projects at TV Cable Bogotá from 1996-2002, I conceived, developed and managed Elbac, the character driving all children's marketing projects at TV Cable Bogotá, the leading cable television and Internet services provider in Colombia. The project was designed as the key strategy to strengthen brand loyalty and add brand value after competitors DirecTV and Sky entered the Bogotá market. Subscriptions to TV Cable increased 25% during my period of employment in spite of competition and economic recession.


Project Highlights


  • Created and gave life to the character.

  • Conceived and executed all marketing and communications strategies.


  • Conceived and developed Friends of Elbac (Círculo Amarillo de Elbac), a children’s fan club that grew to 60,000 members in three years.


  • Designed and coordinated production of fan club merchandise.


  • Wrote and illustrated monthly comic strip, wrote all content and designed monthly TV Cable magazine for children.


  • Negotiated marketing initiatives with affiliated American channels (Nickelodeon, Fox Kids, Discovery Kids, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel) and child-product companies (Mattel, Disney, McDonald’s).


  • Conceived and managed 15 philanthropic events and community projects. TV Cable earned a reputation of giving back to the community through the philanthropic work started with Elbac project.

  • The company was acquired in 2002 by a multinational with a different name and branding, and Elbac ceased to exist.

Monthly magazine and comic strip for members of Elbac's friendship circle.

Children belonging to Círculo Amarillo, Elbac’s friendship circle, participated in drawing contests. Here, Elbac is depicted as Pibe Valderrama, most famous Colombian soccer player in the 1990s.


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